There are at least 365 days every year in Iceland and there are at least 365 ways to explore Iceland. In spite of this fact, you the population has not yet reached 365 thousands!

Iceland is situated in the North Atlantic, right above the mid-ocean ridge that separates America and Europe. Iceland is a highly developed, stable democracy with a modern economy. The national language is Icelandic, but English is widely spoken. In spite of these facts, the population does not reach 365 thousand heads!

Iceland, land of contrasts: ice and fire, darkness and bright nights, excitement and relaxation.  Are you looking for nature or nightlife, culture or cuisine? You name it, we have it.

Each day of the year something is going on somewhere in Iceland.

Have you ever wanted to experience a 24 hour day?
Have you ever wanted to ride across a glacier in a snowmobile?
Have you ever wanted to see water erupt from the earth to the sky?
Have you ever wanted to experience the night life in the bright night of down town Reykjavík?
Then try Iceland, where the locals are friendly and the landscape exotic.

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